Just curious. When selecting a candidate during an election. How important is teir plans for the environment and conservation to you?


i am currently choosing my a-levels, and i am interested in a career in the environment/conservation. so far, i have chosen: english lit, geography and biology but i am not sure about the 4th one – any ideas?
also, i am looking at uni courses and so far have seen 2 i am interested in: environmental science and geography – any suggestions as to which one would be more useful?


What approach to the environment (conservation, development, sustainable use, unaware) have you previously had? How do you think the world approaches the environment in general? What do you base your answer on?


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If I wanted to find a job within environment conservation, what experience would I need.

Also, what are the different types of environment conservation organizations? Like how do those people get jobs working with the rescued African animals, marine animals, etc.


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