Elections. How important is the environment and conservation to you?


Just curious. When selecting a candidate during an election. How important is teir plans for the environment and conservation to you?


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Ol' Blue Eyes

Pretty important. Not my deciding factor, but important nonetheless.

They have to be willing to do something to improve the environment. I’m not one of those nature advocates, but if they don’t believe in global warming, and think that coal plants & toxic dumping are good ideas for the environment, they certainly won’t get my vote.


lately, not at all.

and when i vote in ’08, assuming we’re still around, my primary concern will be the terrorists and the border. i’m gonna vote for whoever has the best policy regarding those two issues.

one day, when i’m not worried about my head being cut off, i’ll be able to focus on the environment again. that’ll be a big relief, really. i always did want to preserve our animals.


It’s important to me.
Unfortunatley, it’s become like the most un-talked-about issues in politics today. Al Gore is an enviromental genius and American icon for the issue.
To be honest, I’d like to hear more folks in capitol hill admitting the dangers of the greenhouse effect and global warming. I think the main reason the issue is avoided is because of the economical impact of forcing big industry to pollute less. Not to mention that if the general public really knew the severity of losing greenspace, animal and plant extinctions, changes in water temperature and salinity, and the jeopardy we are in as a result of consuming rather than conserving our planet.

It’s a really important issue to me. Our children and childrens children will have to live in this world. It’s our duty to protect it’s beauty and provide safe, clean living conditions for future generations.
At the current rate we are going, it appears the overall outlook is grim.

the brain.

very important, that,s why I hope Al Gore runs on the green ticket.

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