What approach to the environment (conservation, development, sustainable use, unaware) have you previously had?


What approach to the environment (conservation, development, sustainable use, unaware) have you previously had? How do you think the world approaches the environment in general? What do you base your answer on?


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this should answer your question



The best approach for the environment conservation is 3R principle. This principle is


Reduce the consumption of resources. Reuse the materials for as many times as possible and finally before discarding them, recycle them so that they can be used for a lower grade purpose.

This way we can seriously help environment to sustain.

The other technology that can help is Nuclear technology. The detailed explanations can be found at the below articles


The world is not of a single mind on the environment. People range from the tree-huggers, who want no development at all, to developers who want everything “raped and rip-rapped”.

I am somewhere in the middle. I figure that I have done a good job in writing an EIS or similar analysis when both extremes attack me as a sell-out. When I can both minimize environmental damage and save the developer money, I am in seventh heaven.

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