Can environment conservation and industrial development go together?


hey please please i need help i want essay on that topic Can environment conservation and industrial development go together please if you know any site to get exact essay on this topic i’ll be very kindfull to you all please help me its my homework……………….
essay about (1500 words) please please help me!!!


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shradha kerketta

This is a very good topic for discussion.Conservation of environment is the need of the day.One needs to go green by protecting trees thus preventing global warming.On the other hand Industrial development has to go hand in hand for the growth of economy.Due to the pressures of population and technology the biophysical environment is being degraded, sometimes permanently. This has been recognized and governments began placing restraints on activities that caused environmental degradation. Since the 1960s activism by the environmental movement has created awareness of the various environmental issues. There is not a full agreement on the extent of the environmental impact of human activity and protection measures are occasionally criticized.Protection of the environment is needed from various human activities. Waste, pollution, loss of biodiversity, introduction of invasive species, release of genetically modified organisms and toxic are some of the issues relating to environmental protection.While regarding Industrial development it can be said that an industrial society can be defined in many ways. Today, industry is an important part of most societies and nations. A government must have some kind of industrial policy, regulating industrial placement, industrial pollution, financing and industrial labor.Thus it can be concluded that both need to go hand in hand.

BeWaterWise Rep

Definitely. Both industrial progress and conservation of the environment should go hand in hand. While progress and development is always necessary, we can not rule out the fact that without a healthy environment there will be no life on earth. The industrial and corporate sector can make a huge difference to the environment. For instance, water shortage is a growing concern across the world. And a large portion of fresh water is used up by the industrial section. Here’s what they can do to help – . These tips by are simple, easy to implement and can save plenty of water every day. Similarly they can also conserve energy and undertake other green initiatives. In this way, both development and environment conservation can go together.
Hope this helps!

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