what a-levels and university course should i do for a career in conservation/environment?


i am currently choosing my a-levels, and i am interested in a career in the environment/conservation. so far, i have chosen: english lit, geography and biology but i am not sure about the 4th one – any ideas?
also, i am looking at uni courses and so far have seen 2 i am interested in: environmental science and geography – any suggestions as to which one would be more useful?


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I am not sure where/what country you go to school, so I do not know what a-levels or uni’s are, but I can tell you that any env classes would be beneficial. I’m not sure what area you are interested in, but env law or management classes might suit you, as well… depending on your interests.
I recommend taking care of your gen ed’s early on, so you can focus on your major classes in your last 2 years of your Bachelor’s.
Depending on your area of interest, you could take: Field Ecology, Forest Ecology, Wildlife Ecology, Animal Behavior, Botany, Plant Ecology, Fire Ecology, Soil Science (very beneficial), etc.
And, if AT ALL possible, try to do an independent study with a professor! This experience helps you SO MUCH in the future – so if there is a semester where you are short on classes/credits, ask your advisor or your favorite professors if there is a study you could assist or take part in for credit. It is such invaluable experience.
Good luck-

Sarah-terry Pomeroy

im currently doing a distance learning course with stonebridge college…its equivelent to a-levels. afterwards i am going to do a course with ACS. this is the easiest and cheapest option than going to uni. what is more important than degrees in environment/conservation sector, is experience. volunteer with the national trust, or something similar because it will really pay off!
here are the links for the colleges, check them out, especially ACS, they have a wide range of different courses…i think the natural resource management one sounds quite interesting.

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